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Lush Lives - History of Vocal Jazz (an Introduction)
Online Course

8 Sessions:  Jan 9 - Mar. 27, 2014    
Times: Tues. 7:00 pm–8:00 pm   (dates & Times subject to change With Notice)

Cost: $90.00   Register

Course Description, Objectives & Syllabus Overview

Course Description

From the Jazz Age to the present, vocalists have been central to creating and influencing the jazz idiom, communicating its energy and spirit to generations of audiences. Explore the history of jazz singing, starting with the early blues through bebop, and ending with some of the great current jazz vocalists and groups.

   Through instructor-led audio recordings, videos, biographies, fun homework assignments and discussions you will better understand this uniquely
“made in America” music.

The key topics are to:

·  Learn more about singers that you may already know

·  Be introduced to other great artists that you may not have heard including
  contemporary Jazz vocalists.

·  See the progression of the genre and the social context in which it developed.

See a Partial List of Vocalists covered (pdf)

Course Objectives

    After completing the Lush Lives: Jazz Vocalists course, the student will be able to:

·  Have a richer knowledge and appreciation of the art of Vocal Jazz and how it developed
 in America

·  Develop a more sophisticated approach to listening and enjoying Vocal Jazz.

·  Appreciate that music - Jazz in particular enhances the cognitive ability of the listener.

·  Acquire the skill to distinguish who is a Jazz singer and who isn’t

·  Learn how to use the Library and online resources to continue their life-long learning of Jazz

Course Prerequisites

·  Access to the Internet and YouTube to do research on the web

·  Access to e-mail

No prior knowledge of topic is needed

Textbook: None at the moment

     Important: Class handout materials and additional resources including web links, bibliographies are

          Included in the cost of this course and will be available on the Singers Center Class website

·  Recommendation for the next course for which students should enroll:

o   Conquer Your Fear of Singing

o   Consult with instructor


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 Syllabus Overview
(Syllabus will cover the weekly topics and specific artists beginning in 1920)

 LUSH LIVES: JAZZ VOCALISTS (in America - An overview)

* Please Note:  Not all artists will be featured in the class but extensive discographies will be made available.

Week 1 - 1920s: Wild Women Dont Get the Blues (The Roaring 1920’s were also known as the Jazz Age)

Week 2 - 1930s-1940s:  It Dont Mean a Thing If It Aint Got That Swing (Swing is king; Jazz is the popular music of the day)

Week 3 - 1950s: Sophisticated Lady and Gents (Jazz’s heyday - 52nd St)

Week 4 - 1960s:  Freedom, Jazz, Dance (The social movements of the day influence the music)

Week 5 - 1970s: Twisted (Everything old is new again / Blending styles

Week 6 - 1980s: Smooth Operator (Blending Jazz, R&B, Blues and Pop “Smooth Jazz and expand Jazz accessibility)

Week 7 - 1990s: Something’s Coming (Jazz is becoming popular again /mini-explosion of singers / Singers are starting their own record labels)

Week 8 - 2000s: Come Away with Me (The next generation)


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